Yorkshire, (Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, York, Mexborough etc)

We also offer a ECU Tuning file service to both the general public and trade customers alike. This means you send us your Standard ECU file, we then tune all required Maps and email you the file back for you to upload to your vehicles ECU. This service from just £60 per file – one of the cheapest in the uk!

What is ECU Remapping

The ECU is the Engine Control Unit that controls the operation of the engines in most modern vehicles on the road today and is primarily based upon a single chip microcomputer, its embedded software and data look-up tables that are referred to as ‘The Map’. The ECU controls many engine operating parameters such as, but not limited to: Fuel mixture; Ignition timing; Engine Idle speed etc.

As most vehicles manufactured today are mass produced for global markets, the ECU gave the car manufacturers the provision to standardized engine production regardless of the target market and to make allowances  via changes in the ECU map for such as: poor fuel quality and sub standard local service provisions.  One of the down sides of this standardization of engine manufacture was that expected averages of such as engine power, torque and fuel efficiency are set.

Being in the UK where fuel, quality of service and road surfaces are generally good gives us the possibility to modify the ECU Map to remove some of the restrictions imposed by manufacturers to meet their global market targeting. Hence the term ‘ECU Remapping’ was borne.

By modifying the ECU Map Auto-Tintz Ecu Remapping can:

Improve Fuel Economy ( MPG ) Sometimes by as much as 10 mpg!

Increase Engine Power – Average gains of approx 30 bhp

Increase Engine Torque – Average gains of 65 NM

Provide your vehicle with more useable power ie: More power around 1500 rpm to 3000 rpm where most driving conditions happen.

Mobile ECU Remapping / Chip Tuning

When the connection to the ECU was standardized (On-board Diagnostics OBDII) across most engines from (2001 Petrol & 2004 Diesel Engines). This allowed for the development of standardized equipment to be connected to the ECU of most modern vehicles. Some vehicles Via this connection the ECU Map (Data look-up table) can be modified. Some vehicles have to bench flashed but this will be discussed with you (the customer if needed),Here at auto tintz we carry most tuning brands/ tools such as Kess,MPPS, FGTech 2 and many more all of which allow us to modify the ECU map or ‘Remap’ an engines ECU at your home, place of work or any other locations that is convenient for you the customer.


Diesel Tuning & Diesel ECU Remapping

Remapping the ECU of a diesel engine is the easiest form of Diesel Tuning. Traditional Diesel Engine Tuning involved the physycal replacement or adjustment of components of the diesel engine to tune it. As the level of diesel engine monitoring and control has evolved within modern Diesel Engine ECU’s there are many gains to be found with diesel engine ECU remapping / tuning. Of all the of the diesel tuning options available ECU remapping is quickly becoming the most common form of diesel tuning in the UK today


Diesel ECU Remapping, Chiptuning Service (TDCI,TDDI,CDTI,CRD,CRDI,PD etc)

Mobile Ecu Remapping service for all N/a Diesels/ Turbo Diesels from Just £140

Vag Group ( VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda) Launch Control, Rev Limiter from just £120

Mobile Petrol ECU Remapping, Chiptuning Service

Mobile Ecu Remapping/ chiptuning service for all petrols N/A and Turbo Charged, Super charged from just £160

DPF / EGR / Speed Limiter enable, disable, bypass, removal service £150

We can offer Dpf/ Egr removal/ bypass for most modern diesels. We can only offer the removal via the ecu map (physical removal remaibns the customers responsibility) POA.

We can add or remove Speed Limiters to most vehicles including Work/ Company vehicles if required POA.